FAAST Fall Basketball and Baseball/Softball now set for 2019-20!!!!

FAAST Tournaments are on-hold due to the Corona-virus out-break.   WE are taking it week to week and relying on information from state leadership and CDC/medical experts on decisions for play...we hope to get back on the fields and courts soon!    We are definitely cancled through April 13th per the state's Stay at Home order.


April 18-19 and April 25-26th Updates

While I would expect some clarity from the state of Michigan and Ohio very soon on the remaining weeks in April as well -  it does not appear very likely either of those April dates will be runnable with youth tournaments based on what we are hearing from the federal government as well as from media at this time.  I would assume the states make a decision pretty quickly on the extension of the "Stay at Home" order through April very soon.    But that has not occurred.   We are taking it week to week here at FAAST - and are still a few weeks out from those weekends - but its not trending very likely to play. 



As a reminder, our FAAST event fees are refundable when we cancel - and you can always also push to another event later in the season - but that is your choice.  

BUT as of now, you can also opt out of April events with a full refund - as we do not want to force anyone to play in these times and we are assuming both states will extend the Stay at Home through the end of the month.   So if you want to opt out of April events now you can also do that at any time with a FULL refund or credit to a future event - your choice.     

Again, if anything drastically changes to where these events can be safely run, I have you on the list and we can re-connect.   As we all have experienced, a lot can change in just a week's time.




FAAST Tournaments are proud of our 13-year history of running great youth sports tournaments in the Midwest!  After 25 years of experience as a coach, athletic director and administrator for schools, 2019-20 brings in our 13th year of FAAST and 5th year of SELECT events for baseball, softball and basketball.    No one serves more youth teams in Michigan & NW Ohio each year!  


We had our biggest year ever in 2018-19 - and have more range of champions than ever before!   We are excited to again serve teams for 2019-20! 


Our tournaments support your team's needs - and help each child develop his/her skills so they are ready to tryout and play for their school team...and more!  We work hard to find the right match-ups for each team - so they have quality competition that bring out the best in your team's play.   


No question about it - kids play harder at tournaments - as they generally are more likely to live in the moment - and the pursuit of that day's trophy and championship motivate them to play their best.   While leagues can be consistent in scheduling, its the excitement of winning a championship in the moment that brings out the best in players.  And, with tournaments, teams get a chance to see new opponents.    


We are the area's largest regional tourney vendor, and our process is as follows: teams will receive an initial scheduled 7-14 days out for baseball/softball, and 5-7 days in basketball.   While time changes will occur in that schedule throughout the week as we add more teams, it won't change in terms of the global 7-8 hours of the event!  UNLIKE other tourney vendors, you won't get a schedule that stretches your team out over more than 8 hours - so with FAAST,  you can still plan for other family activities!!!!  And, if your initial location does not run, we have the power of an incredible regional map so we can find another FAAST event nearby!  Younger divisions such as 10u softball, 3rd grade basketball or 8U baseball have less total teams - so our regional map concept almost ALWAYS ensures your team will play when they were expecting to - and not get canceled like other vendors will do to you.


We are excited for another great fall basketball, baseball and softball season, and our events are now posted.  We will be adding more dates including dates for 2019 events through September! dates, but otherwise we are set for this year!    We have some of the best locations in the area - University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Unversity of Toledo, Bowling Green, Concordia University, Siena Heights University, and many more great locations!


We are offering a great deal right now - contact me at faastsports@gmail.com for more!!!    Or you can take $35 off three or more baseball events!  You can take 10% off 3 or more basketball events.


Go to our basketball, baseball and softball pages to see events - or email me at faastsports@gmail.com!