The Swish Zone at Whitmore Lake! NOW AVAILABLE FOR RENT!

Court 1 at Swish!
Court 2 at Swish!
Main area for teams!

SWISH ZONE re-opens October of 2020! 

The Swish Zone is located ideally in Whitmore Lake, Michigan at 8877 Main St. Swish is housed in the Whitmore Lake's old middle school - and has two large courts for play.

The main home for FAAST Basketball tournaments - that run every Saturday at Swish & FAAST Baseball tournaments that run every weekend from April to October - Swish Zone is available for team rentals, volleyball, basketball, birthday parties, and other events. Swish Zone also hosts the Big Cat Basketball League - the area's largest and best league for youth hoops!  For more information on renting Swish, or playing in the events, contact Ron at 734-368-3330 or e-mail him at


Directions to Swish Zone: