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FAAST Tournaments

FAAST is owned and operated by Ron Reed - a 25-year veteran of school and youth sports.   Ron has coached over 25 years - and served as a teacher and school administrator for 20 years.   As an administrator, Ron oversaw the school's athletic departments, ran youth football programs, and coached MS and HS athletes.   He served on several MHSAA commitees, and was president of MASSP - the state's principals assocation.      During his tenure, he hired coaches that brought home a state title in basketball - and was fortunate that his son's travel team made up a good portion of that team's roster - including his son!  Likewise, he also saw his baseball teams go to the state semifinals and win several titles.   

He still coaches his son's youth team - and has worked for 9 years in travel basketball, baseball and softball.    FAAST is founded on the principles of treating each team, player, coach and fan with dignity and respect - and Ron knows first hand how hard it is to fundraise and support these teams - so FAAST continually is the lowest priced, yet best bang-for-the-buck tournament vendor in the area.        FAAST started as a small basketball tournament in Milan 9 years ago - and now serves over 5000 teams annually - and has grown to sites from Toledo to Midland and through Lansing and Battle Creek.       

Ron knows sports can play a great role in a family's life - from the young athlete trying to play college, to the player just hoping to make the HS team - and including the kids that just want to have fun with their fellow friends - these are all great ambitions to pursue with sport.     At FAAST, players and coaches come first - so our hope is you have a great competitive experience at our events!

Good luck and have fun!