Basketball Rules & Regulations

Admission will be per person, per day, with the exception of coaches and players. Two coaches and team players are permitted on the gym floor only. No fees for small children (under 7).

Each team will play a minimum of three games. The format of the schedule will be determined by the amount of teams signed up in each division and by the tournament directors. Individual trophies will be awarded to the first place teams in each division with the best overall record.

Game time is forfeit time. A five-minute pre-game warm-up and five-minute half-time format will be used.   A team must start with at least five players and a coach.

Time: Each half will be 20 minutes. A running clock will be used, with the exception of the clock stopping in the last 2 minutes of the second half. The clock will not stop if one team is ahead by 15 or more points. Three one-minute time-outs per game will be allowed. First overtime will be two minutes. The second overtime, if needed, will consist of 5-man free throw shootout with the winning team making the most Free Throws.  If still tied, the teams will alternate free throws until one team gains a made basket advantage. Every player must shoot before someone shoots for the second time.

Substitutions may be made at jump balls, free throws, time-outs, and other dead balls only.  Referees will call subs in – they should report to the table.

Defenses: We offer man-only and open defenses for 3rd-5th grade boys and girls.  Check with the tournament director for options. All other divisions are normal rules.

Rules: MHSAA rules will apply to games, with the exceptions noted above. Tournament directors will make the final decision on all disputes.  Balls:  Boys 6th grade and below will use a girls basketball.

  • Locker rooms will not always be available, so players should come dressed and ready to play.
  • By accepting admission into this tournament, each of the coaches, team members, and spectators accept responsibility for all injuries and indemnify the FAAST Sports and the School District/Facility, and its tournament workers from all claims. All decisions by the tournament director are final. No refunds.
  • Concessions will be available at both locations. No food allowed in the gymnasiums, please eat in the designated areas.
  • Coaches, teams, and spectators – this tournament is designed to give our young athletes a chance to participate in the wonderful game of basketball and to enjoy the competition of all teams. Please respect each other, the officials, and tournament workers.
  • Coaches will be responsible for the conduct for their teams and spectators. Tournament officials reserve the right to remove any patron, participant, or team for disorderly and un-sportsman-like conduct. Please respect our school and facilities. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the weekend.

We use a men’s ball for 7th grade through varsity boys divisions.

FAAST Basketball Tournaments

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